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Our goal is to make this move your best move! The more you know about the market, the buying process and your own wishes for the new property, the better. We want you to start with answers to some of the important questions we hear from our buyers.

I’m ready to buy. Where do I begin?
Once you’ve shopped around for the best loan terms and rates for your new home, and you have a prequalification letter in hand, head straight to Charles Pool Real Estate! We’ll get together first and listen to your interests and needs. We’ll talk about whether you want to be in town, out in the country, or maybe a little in-between. We can even help you find a contractor to build a dream house on that perfect piece of land.

How do you recommend properties?
After our initial meeting, we’ll research properties that fit your criteria. Our expert advice guarantees we won’t waste your time with properties that just don’t suit your needs. If you see an ad or a sign for property that looks interesting, we’ll secure further information and set up a showing for you.

How long will it take?
In most cases, we’ll be able to see all the properties you might like in a few days. We’ll gather the information you need to make an informed choice, help negotiate the purchase price, and get you started with the loan process.

Who does the broker represent, the seller or me?
We can enter into a buyer agency agreement to represent you. A buyer’s agent can assist the seller, but must place the interest of the buyer first. The buyer agency agreement has an expiration date for our relationship and obligates you to work with your chosen agent exclusively until the agreement expires. In almost all cases it costs you nothing for representation; we accept the co-broker commission paid by the seller as full compensation.

What if I choose to not have an agent represent me in a transaction?
Should you choose to not have buyer representation, you must understand that the agent’s loyalty is to the seller. However, we here at Charles Pool Real Estate agree to treat you fairly and honestly, to help you put together your offer, find financing, and walk you through the transaction. We hope that our services will lead you to choose Charles Pool Real Estate when it is time to sell your home.

Will you show me properties that are listed with other offices?
Yes. We can arrange to show you any property on the market. We make sure you see all the properties that fit your criteria, no matter how they are listed. We want to connect you with a property you’ll fall in love with as quickly as possible, but if it takes days of searching and miles of driving, we’ll be there.

I’ve found a property I love. What’s next?
Charles Pool Real Estate will help you prepare an offer. We use the standard Texas Real Estate Commission forms with the appropriate specific addendums. We keep up with the best interest rates, and, if you need a loan, we can direct you to a qualified lender.

How soon can we close?
Loan processing usually takes 30-45 days. We’ll give you an estimate of your closing costs after we determine which loan is best for you. Most closings take place within 4 to 6 weeks, depending on financing. We handle “behind the scenes” details, including scheduling the home and pest inspections, ordering the survey, negotiating any needed repairs, and keeping you and the seller informed of progress. We’ll coordinate a closing time and date with you and the seller, provide you with local utility information, help you with homeowner’s insurance and join you for the closing to answer question.

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